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SS1, s /es/ noun (plural S’s, s’s) [countable, uncountable]  SLAthe 19th letter of the English alphabet
Examples from the Corpus
SThat was the highest rate of turnout in any U. S. presidential election.Williamson, Lorillard Inc. and smokeless manufacturer U. S.The rest was divided between the other two Democrats in the race, U. S.A: The U. S.At a cost of $ 100 million, the U. S.At the high point of the sessions, the representative of the U. S.In 1994, nearly 70 percent said the U. S. would never commit ground troops to Bosnia.
SS2  1 the written abbreviation of south or southern2 the written abbreviation of small, used on clothes to show the size-s-s /z, s/ suffix  1 XXforms the plural of nouns a cat and two dogs2 XXforms the third person singular of the present tense of most verbs he plays she sits-s'-s’ /z, s/ suffixXXforms the plural possessive of most nouns the girls’ dresses the islands’ inhabitants
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