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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaboteursab‧o‧teur /ˌsæbəˈtɜː $ -ˈtɜːr/ noun [countable]  SPOILsomeone who deliberately damages, destroys, or spoils someone else’s property or activities, in order to prevent them from doing something The lorries were wrecked by saboteurs. hunt saboteur
Examples from the Corpus
saboteurThe second possibility was that some fiendishly cunning saboteur was at work.As for whether it was hunt saboteurs or home-going Christmas drunks, the station will make all possible enquiries.Anyone with a foreign accent, including refugee children, were labelled as potential saboteurs.Hunt stewards are trying to force the saboteurs off private land on to a public footbath.Their solicitor told the court they only wanted to frighten the saboteur and they were sorry he'd been injured.For the rest of the hunting season, the saboteurs will play a cat and mouse game with the huntsmen.
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