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sabresa‧bre British English, saber American English /ˈseɪbə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 PMWa light pointed sword with one sharp edge used in fencing2 PMWa heavy sword with a curved blade, used in past times
Examples from the Corpus
sabreAt his hip hung a massively heavy sabre with an ivory hilt.Then Nigel Carew drew his sabre and thrust it into the hand of his youthful son and pushed him forward.William; masked, clad in white, grasping his sabre and suddenly lunging forward, one leg darting ahead.Well, forget about his dagger, where was his sabre?He flailed for balance with his sabre arm, then screamed because he saw the heavy sword coming at his throat.Aging Zorro Peter Westbrook, 44, qualified for his sixth Olympic team in the fencing discipline of sabre.The ventralmost arm spine may be curved or sabre shaped.The ventral arm spines are more rugose than the dorsal ones and slightly curved or sabre shaped.
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