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sacredsa‧cred /ˈseɪkrɪd/ ●●○ adjective  1 RRrelating to a god or religion a sacred vow the miraculous powers of sacred relics Certain animals were considered sacred.sacred to The land is sacred to these tribesmen.see thesaurus at religious2 RRRELIGIONvery important or greatly respected Human life is sacred. Frontiers which have held for over forty years are no longer sacred.sacred to Few things were sacred to Henry, but local history was one of them. He had no respect for everything I held sacred.3 is nothing sacred?sacredness noun [uncountable] the sacredness of human life
Examples from the Corpus
sacredThe monotheistic order required that the feminine should be barred from the sphere of power, which coincided with the sacred.Our time at home with our kids is sacred.Other cities also had noble temples; none had such a splendid facade to its whole sacred area.Certain animals were considered sacred by the Aztecs.Religion is the human enterprise by which a sacred cosmos is established.We could eat all the sacred dirt on earth, but still those who loved to make war would make war.The Japanese regard Mount Fuji as a sacred mountain.a choir specialising in sacred musicthe miraculous power of sacred relicssacred ritesLike most everyone else in this country, I learned early on that the flag is a sacred symbol.The olive tree was regarded as sacred to the goddess Athena.These burial grounds are sacred to the Native Americans.In the public interest view also, regulators perform their allotted tasks as a sacred trust.sacred writingsheld sacredFestivals in his honour are marked by a plethora of flowers, and the lusciously scented frangipani is held sacred to him.
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