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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsacrosanctsac‧ro‧sanct /ˈsækrəʊsæŋkt $ -roʊ-/ adjective  IMPORTANTsomething that is sacrosanct is considered to be so important that no one is allowed to criticize or change it syn sacred Weekends are sacrosanct in our family.
Examples from the Corpus
sacrosanctNone of these dates or examples is sacrosanct.The complex negotiation skills believed to be necessary for higher management functions were sacrosanct.The advocates of Centralism use narrow, sacrosanct criteria in shaping how to organize.As far as I was concerned these were absolutely sacrosanct, especially when working in the Klondyke ports for period of up to twelve days.Marriage is no longer sacrosanct - in fact, it isn't even seen as necessary.What could be more postmodern than probing the hitherto sacrosanct inner workings of science?Through the sacrosanct medium of competition, it put everyone and everything in the right place.What one pilot holds as sacrosanct routine, another pilot disdains.The suggestion is that the central core area should be absolutely sacrosanct with slightly less stringent restrictions as you spread outward.
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