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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaintlysaint‧ly /ˈseɪntli/ adjective  PERFECTcompletely good and honest, with no faults She led a saintly and blameless life.saintliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
saintlyThe saintly abbess spent several fruitful years in that convent, the recipient of extraordinary mystical favors.Fergus, beautiful and saintly as a baby, grows up to be a wild young man of great charm.Dear me, thought Franca, then perhaps I might be in danger of actually becoming as saintly as I seem!There were aspects of her life that were not as saintly as the Victorians liked to believe.One of the more saintly characters of the first half of the century was Mary Sherwood.Shortly before his death he refused the Bishopric of Glasgow and died a saintly death on August 3,1159.She looked into his saintly long-lashed eyes.He was a saintly man who always put others before himself.I spoke to them in the doorway of an old stone-flagged kitchen full of saintly pictures.Nowadays we live in less saintly times and I long for some one to help me with my ironing.She was a simple, loving and saintly woman.
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