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salamandersal‧a‧man‧der /ˈsælmændə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  salamander.jpg HBAa small animal similar to a lizard, which lives on land and in the water
Examples from the Corpus
salamanderP.S. My substitute for Woozle is a salamander in the washroom.The dusky salamander lives in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and likes to stay at home.The most striking examples of isolation are found among small western fishes and among the salamanders.The living amphibians that give the best impression of the appearance of the early ones are the salamanders and newts.The Southwest Center folks want to see the jaguar listed and critical habitat designated for the salamander and owl.It is when she feels compassion, rather than revulsion, for the salamander and kisses him that the spell breaks.The salamander, who now barely moved, could never have moved fast.There were salamanders and orchids of endangered varieties.
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