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salariedsal‧a‧ried /ˈsælərid/ adjective  BEWreceiving money every month for the work you do, rather than for every week or every hour salaried workers
Examples from the Corpus
salariedDespite these objections to creating full-time salaried councillors, the demands placed on those elected can be considerable.With current inflation most wage-earners or salaried employees have regular increases in basic remuneration.These strategic positions are not filled by just another group of salaried employees.Overwhelmingly, you do not see full-time salaried employment as your ultimate goal.It is therefore interesting to find such a marked increase in salaried employment even over this five-year period.Once they become salaried members of a government's service, more problems arose from the economic point of view.The salaried partner is frequently encountered in modern solicitors' firms.The party had 143 salaried staff, most of whom it could no longer afford to keep.
From Longman Business Dictionarysalariedsal‧a‧ried /ˈsælərid/ adjectiveHUMAN RESOURCES having a permanent job with an organization and receiving payment for it every month, rather than every week or every hour100 salaried employees were dismissed.Most people retire from salaried jobs by the time they are 65.
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