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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaleroomsale‧room /ˈseɪlrʊm, -ruːm/ noun [countable] British English  TBa room where things are sold by auction
Examples from the Corpus
saleroomDrouot salerooms may have seen none of the spectacular sales which are so good for promotion.Quite apart from the spate of redundancies that began in 1990, turnover in saleroom experts is fairly high at the lower levels.But the vans were going to restorers, not salerooms.All the dealers who habitually haunt Sothebys salerooms have been looking at the furniture and glassware and silver.Chic Sea-shells in the saleroom Paris, Ader-Tajan, 14 December.The salerooms For understandable reasons, salerooms are reluctant to discuss, or even let their employees discuss, individual salaries.
From Longman Business Dictionarysaleroomsale‧room /ˈseɪlruːm, -rʊm/ British English (also salesroom) noun [countable]COMMERCE a room where things are sold by AUCTION
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