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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalessalesa) [plural]BBT the total number of products that are sold during a particular period of time Britain’s retail sales (=all the things sold to the public in shops) jumped 3.2 percent in April.sales of Sales of automobiles are up this year. We did not reach our summer sales targets. The company no longer releases its sales figures (=how much money it makes or loses from sales).in sales We grossed more than $500,000 in sales last year. b) [uncountable]BBC the part of a company that deals with selling products She found a job in sales. a sales manager a worldwide sales force of 1,100 sale
Examples from the Corpus
sales forceAppleAssist, a combination help-line and sales force.Halifax is offering to pay £500 million for Equitable's asset management business, sales force and systems.Following the restructuring of the Chambers Harrap sales force, Elaine Walker has been promoted to key accounts manager.He kept a distance between himself and his sales force.He had no corporate structure to sustain, no major office buildings or sales force to keep going.But unlike many computer-makers, Compaq makes all its sales through dealers, rather than by using its own sales force.The Journal hears that an announcement on the sales force will be made internally this Monday and will not be made public.
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