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sales pitch/talk

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsales pitch/talksales pitch/talkSELLthe things that someone says when they are trying to persuade you to buy something sale
Examples from the Corpus
sales pitch/talkDon't give them a sales pitch because there is nothing more irritating.Personally I think this is another of his sales pitches.There was nothing spectacular about my sales pitch except the language in which it was couched.None of this is likely to stop a flurry of sales pitches from mutual-fund salespeople.He is running out of possible patrons, sales talk, flirtatiousness, hair, steam.The analogy of the sales pitch is revealing, for advertisers do not promote their product merely by providing information about it.The sales pitch can be so slick that many consumers don't even realize they have bought magazines until the bill arrives.The sales pitch is a wonderful movie moment.
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