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salonsal‧on /ˈsælɒn $ səˈlɑːn/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DCa place where you can get your hair cut, have beauty treatments etc syn hairdresser’shair/beauty salon an exclusive hair salon2 DCSHOP/STOREa shop where fashionable and expensive clothes are sold3 TB old-fashioned a room in a very large house, where people can meet and talk4 Aa regular meeting of famous people at which they talk about art, literature, or music, popular in the past in France a literary salon
Examples from the Corpus
salonThe contest was open to all hairdressing students at the institute but also included a category for senior stylists and salon owners.a beauty salona bridal salonProducts are only available from salons.Available from salons only - call for your nearest stockist.They include the alleged failure of salon owners to regularly follow manufacturers' instructions.For appointments call the salon on.Did you feel comfortable and relaxed in the salon? 4.She unloaded the car and carried everything in, dumping it all in the middle of the salon.His hands dangled over the sides of the wheelchair as they took him to the salon to meet the Bishop.hair/beauty salonIt is also worth going along to a beauty salon a month or so in advance to have your make-up done.The street is dotted with pricey eateries, art galleries, boutiques and hair salons.Comfortable public rooms include a bar, restaurant, lounge and beauty salon.I noticed it only because part of the mixture involved a large quantity of my expensive beauty salon shampoo.It has sprouted shopping malls, discos and nightclubs, beauty salons, gymnasia, news kiosks, coffee shops.Gymnasium, sauna, steam room, beauty salon, indoor pool.Cutting edge: A small Stockton hair salon is proving it is a cut above the rest in competitions.
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