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saloonsa‧loon /səˈluːn/ noun [countable]  1 DFDDLa public place where alcoholic drinks were sold and drunk in the western US in the 19th century syn bar2 (also saloon bar) British English a comfortable room in a pub syn lounge bar3 (also saloon car) British EnglishTTC a car that has a separate enclosed space for your bags etc syn sedan American English a four-door family saloon estate car4 TTWa large comfortable room where passengers on a ship can sit and relax
Examples from the Corpus
saloonThe town, with a population of more than 2,000, boasted 18 saloons and 100 mining companies.He got a job sweeping out a saloon and was allowed to sleep in the carriage house behind it.But you expect that sort of thing in a literary saloon.He stopped in several other saloons before he reached Clinton Place.Volvo has won a safety award for its innovative integrated child seat fitted to all new 900-series saloons.Miguelito sat at the saloon table.
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