Date: 1700-1800
Language: French
Origin: salon, from Italian salone 'large hall', from sala 'hall'


Related topics: Drink, Leisure, Motor Vehicles, Water
sa‧loon [countable]
1DFDDL a public place where alcoholic drinks were sold and drunk in the western US in the 19th century [= bar]
2 British English also saloon bar a comfortable room in a pub [= lounge bar]
3 British English also saloon carTTC a car that has a separate enclosed space for your bags etc [= sedan American English]
a four-door family saloon
estate car
4TTW a large comfortable room where passengers on a ship can sit and relax
big cars: limousine, people carrier British English, gas-guzzler AmE informal, estate car British English

small cars: compact American English, hatchback British English

other types of car: pickup, van, saloon British English/sedan American English, sports car, convertible, SUV American English, off-roader, four-wheel drive/4x4

where you park your car: garage, car park British English/parking lot American English, multi-storey car park British English, parking space, carport

someone who drives a car: driver, motorist, learner driver

someone who drives a rich or important person's car for them: chauffeur, driver

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