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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalubrioussa‧lu‧bri‧ous /səˈluːbriəs/ adjective formal  NICEa salubrious area or place is pleasant and clean, especially compared to other places – often used humorously the less salubrious area near the docks
Examples from the Corpus
salubriousThe center of the geocentric cosmos had not been salubrious.the salubrious climate of northern ItalyI believe helping others is one of the most positive, salubrious forms of social calisthenics.The existing plant, which was none too salubrious, had already attracted much comment.He was a totally happy - if less than salubrious - man.The latter now choose to use what they regard as the more salubrious transportation of the motor car or the aeroplane.The street was residential, not very salubrious, with the worn-down air of a shoe which has had too much use.
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