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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalutarysal‧u‧ta‧ry /ˈsæljətəri $ -teri/ adjective formal  LEARNa salutary experience is unpleasant but teaches you somethingsalutary experience/lesson/reminder etc Losing money in this way taught young Jones a salutary lesson.
Examples from the Corpus
salutaryIndeed, Evangelicals considered fear of death to be salutary.The war could have a salutary effect on other countries in the region.These positive feelings will have a salutary effect on their growth toward self-sufficiency.Some mention has been made already of the salutary effect which business support can have on motivation in schools.The writing stage, when topics and questions are actually put down, can be quite a salutary experience.Mrs Trowbridge will be visiting her relatives for Christmas, and I will find this exercise in responsibility a salutary one.No vanity here: the result is a warts-and-all publication intended as salutary reading during management training.The very struggle to overcome the new problems can have a salutary welding effect on the new church.salutary experience/lesson/reminder etcExperience of reality provides the salutary lesson.The writing stage, when topics and questions are actually put down, can be quite a salutary experience.This can be a very salutary experience.It was a salutary lesson for me on risking rejection and on my perceived notions of status.It is extremely disconcerting, and the Madness debate provided a salutary lesson for Morrissey, as well as ourselves.Those incidents are a salutary reminder of the dedication of police officers to protecting the public.The Crabb incident is a salutary reminder that one should never believe anything a government says about an incident involving intelligence.More simple salutary lessons were being learned in Britain too.
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