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salve your conscience

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalve your consciencesalve your conscience formalGUILTY/FEEL GUILTYif you do something to salve your conscience, you do it to make yourself feel less guilty syn ease salve
Examples from the Corpus
salve your conscienceBut do not let us allow their punishment to salve our consciences.We are there to salve their conscience and to administer their guilt money.Don't think you can salve your consciences by giving us money. We won't forgive you that easily.She felt guilty and tried to salve her conscience by inviting him out for a meal.The international community has so far salved its conscience by voicing a succession of pious hopes.It was to salve her conscience, she thought, and make up for her obsessional preoccupation with Nick Frazer.But she brought them because it salved her conscience to bring something, and she had not been for two weeks now.
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