2 pronoun
same2 S1 W1

the same

a) used to say that two or more people or things are exactly like each other:
The coins may look the same but one's a forgery.
the same as
Your measurements are exactly the same as Dana's.
Thanks for your help - I'll do the same for you one day.
b) used to say that a particular person or thing does not change:
Things just won't be the same without Sam.

(and the) same to you!

a) used as a reply to a greeting:
'Merry Christmas!' 'And the same to you Ben.'
b) used as an angry reply to a rude remark:
'Up yours!' 'Same to you!'

just/all the same

in spite of a particular situation, opinion etc:
I realise she can be very annoying, but I think you should apologise all the same.

all the same

in spite of something that you have just mentioned:
I'm not likely to run out of money, but all the same, I'm careful.

it's all the same to somebody

used to say that someone does not mind what decision is made, would be pleased with any choice, or does not really care:
If it's all the same to you, I'll go this weekend.

same here

spoken used to say that you feel the same way as someone else:
'I'm exhausted.' 'Same here!'

(the) same again

DFDDL used to ask for another drink of the same kind

more of the same

another person, thing etc like the one just mentioned:
He has produced a string of thrillers, and this movie is just more of the same.

➔ one and the same

at one2 (18)

Same usually has the before it They both gave the same reasons for leaving. All the shirts looked the same. You can also use this or that before same when it is used as an adjective, to emphasize it At that same moment the telephone rang.!! Same never has a before it We went to the same school (NOT a same school).!! You can say that one thing is the same as another. Do not use like or with His answer was the same as mine (NOT the same like/with mine).

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