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sandpipersand‧pip‧er /ˈsændˌpaɪpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  HBBa small bird with long legs and a long beak that lives near the shore
Examples from the Corpus
sandpiperBuoyant as a duck, slender as a sandpiper, small as a dunlin.Lightly as sandpipers marking the shoreline boats at the jetty sprang and rocked upon the green water.As we taxied to a halt on the coastal grassy runway, we disturbed parties of curlew, sandpipers and grey plover.They were like sandpipers at the edge of the surf-they lived inches from the water and their feet Were never wet.A flock of sandpipers running at the edge of the waves lures me from the point.In winter it is given over to turnstones, purple sandpiper, oystercatchers and other shellfish-eating birds.Purple sandpipers arc the most self-effacing of birds.For a while he stood on the soft sand, watching the waves break and the sandpipers scatter under them.
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