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sandstonesand‧stone /ˈsændstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun [uncountable]  HEGTBCa type of soft yellow or red rock, often used in buildings
Examples from the Corpus
sandstoneNow it stood clear: the reek of fish, and sandstone cut with a Presbyterian trowel.Limestone and sandstone are quite unsuitable.Fossils are harder to remove intact from sandstone than from clay.This delicate fern is preserved in a very fine-grained sandstone, which fractures rather irregularly.A Barren Measures' sandstone reservoir study was based on log analysis of three wells in the study area.Note: sandstone grades are for on-sight ascents using rope knots for the first time.Suddenly patches of pink sandstone were again visible in the courtyard.From above, the sandstone looks like solid rock, terminating at a 20-foot cliff.
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