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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsanesane /seɪn/ ●○○ adjective  1 HBHable to think in a normal and reasonable way opp insane, mentally illsanity He seems perfectly sane (=completely sane) to me. No sane person would want to kill a baby.2 SENSIBLEreasonable and based on sensible thinking a sane and sensible approach to gun control3 keep somebody sanesanely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
saneBut when I awoke I was sane.It is readable, reasonably comprehensive and its recommendations, when I have been able to check them out, seem sane.To his neighbours, Peter appeared perfectly sane.Of course he isn't mad. He's as sane as you or I.And quite sane friends of mine, whose opinions I respect over other things, believe in this terrible religion.Exercise keeps me sane. If I didn't exercise, the stress would get to me.He was sane in every respect but one, and that was his stratospheric sense of self-importance.No sane person would accept a high-level job there.No sane person would believe such garbage!I don't think any sane person would take his threats seriously.Their withdrawal, their separatism, was, they said, a sane response to an insane world.Who among us is so righteous that a sane society would entrust her with the power to obliterate a city?It was a relief to hear one sane voice among all the shouting and hysteria.Mass transit is the only sane way to get around New York.Nobody sane would kidnap a boy just to get back photographs of themselves.perfectly sanePrecious, precocious, pretentious and very much in control, he seems perfectly sane.
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