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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsangsang /sæŋ/ verb  x-refthe past tense of sing
Examples from the Corpus
sangAnd La Carlotta never sang again.In the yew trees nearby, birds sang and the hum of traffic and smell of exhaust fumes carried on the air.He sang as he flew - a croaking song, horrible to hear - but Cassowary didn't care.Once again, Ashputtel sang her song for the birds; once again they came to her rescue.I grew up around folk singers, people who sang in little bars.The blade sang in the polished boards by Pascoe's head, a thin note declining on the air.Secrecy sang in the static air, like an old valve radio with the volume turned down.They mixed funk and punk; they sang nasty songs; they took drugs; they seemed to party all the time.