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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsanguinesan‧guine /ˈsæŋɡwɪn/ adjective formal  HAPPYhappy and hopeful about the future syn optimisticsanguine about Other economists are more sanguine about the possibility of inflation. a sanguine view
Examples from the Corpus
sanguineGuterson, 39, seems sanguine about his remarkable success.However, some other forecasters are more sanguine about inflation.Simon was not always sanguine about the population issue.Jody is not sanguine about the prospects.We stopped believing in the four humours, but we remain bilious, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic.a sanguine complexionSuch a sanguine conclusion may seem odd at a time when furious arguments are no doubt raging behind the scenes.His close colleagues were rather less sanguine in private.This is not to say that Brownmiller has written a sanguine portrait of sisters locking arms in struggle.Traders are taking a sanguine view of interest-rate prospects.
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