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sarongsa‧rong /səˈrɒŋ $ səˈrɒːŋ, səˈrɑːŋ/ noun [countable]  DCCa loose skirt consisting of a long piece of cloth wrapped around your waist, worn especially by people in Malaysia and Indonesia
Examples from the Corpus
sarongHe wore homemade sandals and a sarong that fell from his waist to his bony knees.I wonder how I look in a sarong?She wrapped it round herself, like a sarong, under her arms, and stepped out of the water.Then he dropped the parang to fumble in his sarong.She wears traditional dress: a white, high-necked blouse and a dark ankle-length sarong with an embroidered band around the hem.The air hostesses on the flight to Bangkok wear pink and purple sarongs with gold borders, western eye-makeup, smiles.
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