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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsassysas‧sy /ˈsæsi/ adjective American English  1 RUDE/IMPOLITEa child who is sassy is rude to someone they should respect syn cheeky British English2 ATTRACTsomeone, especially a woman, who is sassy is confident and does not really care what other people think about her syn feisty
Examples from the Corpus
sassyHis Farrow is smart, sassy and sexy, a woman who has learned how to turn her disability into an asset.She was sassy and smart, and all the kids liked her.a sassy bratHer public image is that of a sassy mystic, but she has the showbiz mastery of a Gloria Swanson.What Ida Rebecca saw was a frail little creature with her hair cut in the sassy new pageboy bob.The three journalists who interviewed Putin for this book were pleasingly sassy on occasion.Becky was a sassy, rambunctious New York girl he'd met when visiting his aunt.She looked sassy, she thought, as she swung her long jet hair, careful not to dislodge the jasmine.
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