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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsatsat /sæt/  x-refthe past tense and past participle of sit
Examples from the Corpus
satThe other officer climbed in and sat between me and the pilot.We were taken on nature hikes and told stories as we sat by campfires.In his room he pulled on a dressing-gown and sat down and waited.Chrissie sat down on the bare floorboards, and watched the haggard features of the man she loved.He sat gently smiling to himself, as blind men will.Ancient women sat in darkened eighteenth- and nineteenth-century doorways, heads covered in kerchiefs or round-brimmed hats like up-ended pudding basins.Ahtonia sat next to her, holding her hand.Beside me in the front sat Susan James, looking like a frustrated baby-sitter.
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Sat.Sat. (also Sat British English)TMCthe written abbreviation of Saturday
SATSAT /sæt, ˌes eɪ ˈtiː/ noun [countable]  1 trademark (Scholastic Aptitude Test) an examination that American high school students take before they go to college SAT scores have been steadily decreasing.2 SATs
Examples from the Corpus
SATThe good news is that kind of pitch could eliminate the need for SAT tests.I had medium grades, pretty good SAT scores, and was an activist in high school.In the most recent SAT averages, Live Oak scored 513 verbal and 538 in math.But tests like the SAT are much more problematic than the public is led to believe.They will never take the SATs.When he took the SATs in his junior year, he scored an even 1600.What was your SAT score?SAT scoresIt is also among the best, with average SAT scores that would make any high school principal drool.I had medium grades, pretty good SAT scores, and was an activist in high school.Your standard-issue pair of pants, skirt, a blouse or a shirt will not mean higher SAT scores.What were the SAT scores of blacks?
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