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satchelsatch‧el /ˈsætʃəl/ noun [countable]  satchel.jpg SESDCCa leather bag that you carry over your shoulder, used especially in the past by children for carrying books to school
Examples from the Corpus
satchelThe gun was in my left hand, and in my right I was holding a satchel.Crews erected metal posts around the base of the audio tower, where a satchel containing the bomb had been left.With a sinking feeling, Katherine rearranged the items in her satchel.The next day she carried her secret weapon to school in her satchel.The boy opened his satchel and took out the bread-roll that he was supposed to keep for lunch.They used her shoulder-bag and the satchel Travis had found on the plane to pack them in.Then the bomb in the satchel went off.As he was unzipping the satchel, I moved around to the side of the table and pocketed his gun.
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