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satellite television

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satellite televisionˌsatellite ˈtelevision (also satellite TV) noun [uncountable]  TCBtelevision programmes that are broadcast using satellites in space, and which you need a special piece of equipment to be able to watch
Examples from the Corpus
satellite televisionHe is unable to separate his contribution to what should be a well-informed debate from a satellite television knockabout.Junior suites at the Calinda, which include two double beds and satellite television, cost $ 50 per night or less.Restrictions on photocopiers and satellite television equipment were also lifted.Still less can they accept impartial public broadcasting combined with a biased press and biased satellite television.But the advent of long-range camera lenses, satellite television and instantaneous news changed that for ever.The legal rules are unsettled, and will cause some confusion with the advent of satellite television.The age of satellite television began in 1988 when the Astra Satellite was launched.It is the deregulated, free-market media world of satellite television and video recorders where the real violence is played out.
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