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satinsat‧in1 /ˈsætɪn $ ˈsætn/ noun [uncountable]  TIMa type of cloth that is very smooth and shiny a red satin ribbon
Examples from the Corpus
satinIt wasn't as if he could see her in the flimsy satin nightdress, was it?The gold satin curtain at the end of the cat walk parted and out stepped Paul de Levantiére.Long green satin curtains had been pulled to cover the tall windows.A hard little matching satin bolster tucked in at either end.She wore peach satin camiknickers and no stockings - it was breath-taking.Her curly hair had a cute red satin bow right in the top.His jerkin was of red satin.Folly flew back into the tiny bathroom and tore at the wide satin ribbon which bound the base of the cellophane package.
satinsatin2 adjective  SHINYhaving a smooth shiny surface The new paints are available in gloss and satin finishes.
Examples from the Corpus
satinThe satin binding was nice to the finger tips.He stood, and Squirt held up the silver jacket with the satin lapels and Mulcahey put his arms into it.
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