Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: Latin satura, satira, from (lanx) satura 'full plate, mixture', from satur; SATURATE


Related topics: Literature
1 [uncountable] a way of criticizing something such as a group of people or a system, in which you deliberately make them seem funny so that people will see their faults:
the characteristic use of satire in Jonson's work
political/social satire
a comedy group that does political satire
2 [countable]AL a piece of writing, film, play etc that uses this type of criticism
satire on
a satire on American politics
savage/stinging/vicious/biting satire
a biting satire of the television industry
satirical adjective:
a well-known satirical magazine
satiric adjective
satirically adverb

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