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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsatisfiedsat‧is‧fied /ˈsætəsfaɪd/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 SATISFIEDfeeling that something is as good as it should be, or that something has happened in the way that you want opp dissatisfied a satisfied smile They have plenty of satisfied customers. Will she ever be satisfied?satisfied with I’m not satisfied with the way he cut my hair.completely/fully/totally/entirely satisfied If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.GrammarSomeone is satisfied with something: They were not satisfied with the room. Don’t say: They were not satisfied about the room.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say happy rather than satisfied:Are you happy with the arrangements?2 SUREfeeling sure that something is right or truesatisfied that He was satisfied that he had done nothing wrong.see thesaurus at sure3 (are you) satisfied? self-satisfiedTHESAURUSsatisfied feeling that something is as good as it should be, or that something has happened in the way that you wantThe teacher is satisfied with his progress.another satisfied customerhappy [not before noun] satisfied. Happy is very commonly used instead of satisfied in everyday EnglishThe boss seems happy with my work.I’m happy to work part-time until the kids are older.pleased [not before noun] very satisfiedI’m pleased with the results.He came out looking pleased with himself.content [not before noun] satisfied with what you are doing, so that you do not want to change anythingShe seemed content to just sit and watch the others.Sam was quite content with his life on the farm.fulfilled [not usually before noun] feeling that you have achieved enough in your life, and that you do not need things that are more interesting, important, or usefulI enjoy being a mother, but to feel fulfilled I need to work too.
Examples from the Corpus
satisfiedFew of Wagner's admirers can have been satisfied.Slim people, in contrast, usually stop when they feel satisfied.The higher rate can be paid if one of the day requirements and one of the night requirements are satisfied.I did the whole essay again, but she still wasn't satisfied.A good travel agent knows that a satisfied customer will always come back.Sussman puffed on his pipe, a satisfied grin on his face."I like being forty, " she said with a satisfied grin.He was not present when the case was called on but the justices were satisfied that he was aware of the hearing.Police are now satisfied that her death was an accident.Patients seemed satisfied that the standard of care was adequate.Mr Kelloway says there have only been minor teething problems and he is satisfied the machine is ready for production.His boss seems satisfied with his work.95% of passengers say they are satisfied with the bus service.It is perfectly satisfied with the outcome of the preliminary investigation.They had witnessed a steady growth in circulation and were well satisfied with their achievements, even hopeful that things would improve.I don't really want a bigger house - I'm satisfied with what I've got.completely/fully/totally/entirely satisfiedBut she wasn't entirely satisfied.In the regions the greatest level of disquiet was in the south-west, where 25 % of members were not totally satisfied.The children themselves, 75 she continues, can be entirely satisfied.Then, when he was completely satisfied, he spoke to Hal over the radio circuit.I could be totally satisfied just hanging out at my home.If not entirely satisfied, return within 14 days for a full refund.Never sign anything until you are completely satisfied with every detail.I was not completely satisfied with these responses.satisfied thatWhen he was satisfied that everything was straight, he let himself out of the back door.Ishmael is still not satisfied that he has bestowed enough dignity on the profession of whaling.She was not satisfied that her brother was serious about becoming a pilot.He was obviously satisfied that I was on the level and reserved two birds on the spot, £35 each.Sometimes it has been satisfied that no further regulatory action is required.Not all were satisfied that the last minute restrictions were necessary.Is the Minister satisfied that the present staffing levels are sufficient to carry out the necessary pre-emptive intelligence work?Despite it, I am quite satisfied that their evenings, their sleep and their general comfort were greatly disturbed.He was satisfied that this stolen gun and this thief Tucker had nothing to do with the people who had injured him.
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