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satisfyingsat‧is‧fy‧ing /ˈsætəsfaɪ-ɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  1 SATISFIEDmaking you feel pleased and happy, especially because you have got what you wanted opp unsatisfying a deeply satisfying feelingit is satisfying (to do something) It can be very satisfying to work in the garden.2 DFSATISFIEDfood that is satisfying makes you feel that you have eaten enough a satisfying mealTHESAURUSsatisfying making you feel satisfied, because you have got or achieved something you wantedThere’s something very satisfying about baking your own bread.Teaching can be immensely satisfying.rewarding satisfying, because you feel you are doing something useful for yourself or for other peopleNursing is a very rewarding job.It's been hard work, but very rewarding.fulfilling making you feel satisfied and happy with your life, because you are using your abilities in a useful way. Fulfilling and rewarding are very close in meaning. Fulfilling is used more about your feelings about your life in general, and that something makes you feel a happier personWe want to provide a more fulfilling life for people who are mentally ill.a happier and more fulfilling relationship What should be a happy and fulfilling experience all too often is not.pleasing making you feel pleased and satisfied, because something is goodThe results of the training scheme were very pleasing.gratifying making you feel pleased and satisfied, especially because people like what you have done, or you feel that you were right about somethingTheir enthusiastic reception of his paintings was very gratifying.It's gratifying to know that these videos are appreciated.It is extremely gratifying to hear that something I did affected someone's life in such a positive way.
Examples from the Corpus
satisfyingThere's something very satisfying about baking your own bread.Working with children with special needs can be a satisfying and rewarding experience.On the contrary they usually put their gifts into some satisfying but resolutely unimaginative task.June was looking for a new and satisfying career.Supervising a group of learners throughout the whole of their training is very satisfying for the clinical teacher.Some groups are very decisive, very productive, very creative and very satisfying for their members.Combined with a club meeting, this must have all the ingredients of a satisfying hobby.Neither are there sheep, though: this is an intelligent programme of satisfying second-class music, honest, unpretentious and enjoyable.The solution was so obvious, so satisfying, that there was no need to try and understand it.It was satisfying to see the Dorothy Hodgkin Quadrangle near completion and already partly occupied, giving much needed additional undergraduate accommodation.it is satisfying (to do something)In many ways, it is satisfying, a season of challenges met and withstood, of character questioned and proven.
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