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saturation point

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saturation pointsatuˈration ˌpoint noun [countable usually singular]  1 FULLa situation in which no more people or things can be added because there are already too many The number of summer tourists in the area has reached saturation point.2 technicalHC the state that a chemical mixture reaches when it has had as much of a solid substance mixed into it as possible
Examples from the Corpus
saturation pointAir at saturation point is the key to the problem.Therefore, even with oxygen at saturation point, an excess of carbon dioxide may cause suffocation.The extra rainfall pushes the Earth beyond saturation point, the water is expelled and an earthquake occurs along with the expulsion.There seems to be no saturation point.Audiences are expected to increase for several years and then level out, as the numbers of multiplexes reach saturation point.This is because joke after joke is tedious and people quickly reach saturation point.reached saturation pointThe coffee bar market has almost reached its saturation point.
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