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saunasau‧na /ˈsɔːnə $ ˈsɒːnə, ˈsaʊnə/ noun [countable]  1 DLa room that is heated to a very high temperature by hot air, where people sit because it is considered healthy2 DLa period of time when you sit or lie in a room like thishave/take a sauna I have a sauna and massage every week.
Examples from the Corpus
saunaAll Princess Cruises' ships have extensive spa facilities, with massage, seaweed wraps, exercise equipment and saunas.You get free use of all the hotel's facilities such as swimming pool and sauna.In addition to one communal hot tub and sauna, there are eight private tubs at the Waves.Although sparsely populated, the country offers foreign travelers everything from historical monuments and castles to authentic saunas and high-tech industry.Whilst parents can go swimming, use the multi-gym, cycling, saunas, squash etc.I thought it was something to do with I don't know - sauna baths and golf driving-ranges.I longed for a breeze, a giant fan to cool us all down-it felt like an outdoor sauna.There's also a fitness room, sauna and turkish steam bath.have/take a saunaAnd do as the locals do and have a sauna - every hotel has one.Be pampered At any opportunity take saunas, massages, jacuzzis or any other form of relaxing self improvement.
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