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saversav‧er /ˈseɪvə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  BFBSAVE MONEYsomeone who saves money in a bank Mutual funds have been attractive to small savers (=people who save small amounts of money).
Examples from the Corpus
saverTriodos's range of accounts includes six Partnership Accounts that allow savers to channel money into worthwhile causes.In this month's personal finance feature below we look at how the Budget will affect expatriate savers and investors.For savers, the picture probably will get bleaker.Hand savers Too much varnish remover can make nails brittle.Moreover, Isa savers could have access to their money within 30 days, while Tessa savers had to wait three months.An intelligently wired house would be a life saver to the disabled and elderly.Snap, Crackle and Pop lore, Kellogg screen savers, etc.In addition to ads, the screen saver features the information crawl at the bottom of the screen.small saversBut what it does show was that, in 1979, small savers were treated the same as larger savers.This will be valid for small savers but not for the whole currency.In the case of trusts based on prosperous urban centres, there was a considerable increase in the participation of smaller savers.
From Longman Business Dictionarysaversav‧er /ˈseɪvə-ər/ noun [countable]FINANCE someone who saves money in a banktax breaks for saversRegular savers enjoy high interest rates.
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