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savings and loan association

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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savings and loan associationˌsavings and ˈloan association noun [countable] American English  BFLa business, similar to a bank, that lends money, and into which you pay money that you want to save syn building society British English
Examples from the Corpus
savings and loan associationThe CE0s of home mortgages were savings and loan presidents.The McDougals, who owned the failed savings and loan, subpoenaed Clinton to testify.The typical savings and loan president was a leader in a tiny community.Their case helped to trigger off a savings and loan crisis in Maryland in 1985.
From Longman Business Dictionary
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Savings and Loan AssociationˌSavings and ˈLoan Associˌation (also savings and loan), abbreviation S & L noun [countable] FINANCEORGANIZATIONSin the US, an organization that lends money, usually to build or buy houses, using money from investors who put their savings into it SYN THRIFTHis mortgage application was turned down by a Savings and Loan Association. compare building society
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