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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsavioursa‧viour British English, savior American English /ˈseɪvjə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  SAVE/RESCUEsomeone who saves you from a difficult or dangerous situationsaviour of He was seen by many as the saviour of the organization.
Examples from the Corpus
saviourThen a saviour appeared in the form of a man called Arthur Grogan.Even if things go fairly badly it is not certain that voters would turn to Labour as economic saviour.It was then that my saviour arrived.It is difficult to reconcile such references with the tradition of a mild, pacifist saviour.
SaviourSaviour British English, Savior American English noun   the/somebody’s Saviour
Examples from the Corpus
SaviourI must put my Saviour always before me as my example, friend and guide.In the centre is the Saviour attended by two archangels.And the companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene.Surely the Saviour knows her very well.The Saviour promised to be there for you, continuously.It is the Bible's primary purpose to bring men to their Saviour by arousing the beginnings of faith.
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