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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsavorysa‧vo‧ry1 /ˈseɪvəri/ adjective  the American spelling of savoury
Examples from the Corpus
savoryFor a savory accompaniment, poach in stock with a few cloves to serve with ham, chicken or duck.There were some less savory businesses at the south end of Sewell Street.At a street corner stall, a young man roasted savory chestnuts and served them up in a newspaper cone.Slowly we pull it up through the resistance and find it filled with a light, savory chicken liver mousse.With a modest smear of mayonnaise and mustard on the savory focaccia, this sandwich is sublime.savory grilled vegetablesAnd yet that warm and savory kitchen was empty.Most people rarely consider the savory muffin, served as a bread course with entrees.But in glossing over the less savory results of its actions, the organization denies itself a rare opportunity.Americans eat about six billion pounds of savory snacks a year.
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savorysavory2 noun  [uncountable]HBPDFC a plant that is used in cooking to add taste to meat and other food
Examples from the Corpus
savoryWoody herbs, like thyme, marjoram and winter savory stay green in all but the hardest winters and clip into tiny hedging.
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