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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsavvysav‧vy1 /ˈsævi/ noun [uncountable] informal  KNOW somethingpractical knowledge and ability syn know-how He’s obviously got a lot of political savvy.
Examples from the Corpus
savvyTo be sure, the film offers up some contemporary savvy.His performance with the relatives was a remarkable display of political savvy.political savvy
savvysavvy2 adjective American English informal  someone who is savvy is clever and knows how to deal with situations successfully savvy consumers
Examples from the Corpus
savvyThe networker went on to ask if she could use an employee who was savvy about global marketing.You knew he was smart about cars; he was savvy about life too.I have to be savvy about seeking out opportunities.Both companies are founded upon savvy business ideas.This is one of the hottest destinations after work for savvy Downtowners, especially during special events when there is live entertainment.One part of the need was obvious: Mario was a first-class driver and extraordinarily savvy in development work.Brilliant detective work with a little luck tossed in to catch the savvy killer.Lisa had become a savvy young woman.
From Longman Business Dictionarysavvysav‧vy /ˈsævi/ noun [uncountable] informal practical knowledge and experienceHer marketing savvy is exactly what this job requires.savvy adjective [only before a noun]Savvy investors will do more than go for companies with straight A rankings.
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