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say what you like

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsay what you likesay what you likeespecially British EnglishEXPRESS used when giving an opinion that you are sure is correct, even if the person you are talking to might disagree with you Say what you like about him, he’s a very good writer. say
Examples from the Corpus
say what you likeI can say what I like.There must, he said, be a place where people are free to say what they like.While manufacturers say what they like about themselves through advertising, favourable public opinion for their products or services is earned.He could say what he liked, but she was now controlling the agenda.If she just vanishes, Elizabeth Roisin can say what she likes, but there's nothing she can do!Clearly western painters said what they liked, how they liked.From now on he could do and say what he liked - they wouldn't raise a squeak.We can do what we like and say what we like to whomever we like, without restriction.
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