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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscaldingscald‧ing /ˈskɔːldɪŋ $ ˈskɒːl-/ adjective  1 HOT (also scalding hot) extremely hot a bowl of scalding water a cup of scalding hot tea2 literary scalding tears feel hot on your skin Scalding tears poured down her face.
Examples from the Corpus
scaldingEnrique released the bonnet, standing back as the scalding cloud of steam escaped.a cup of scalding coffeeThe coffee cup lurched in his fingers and he felt two scalding drops on his hand.From behind the scenes, a scalding eruption sends the poor receptionist scuttling out again.A thousand pinpricks of scalding steam grew to knife-points and the knives twisted.Against her will, hot scalding tears burst from her eyes and down her cheeks.Pictures of her parents, memories, flashed through her mind bringing hot scalding tears to her eyes.He put two spoonfuls of tea into the teapot, then poured in the scalding water from the kettle.
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