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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscamscam1 /skæm/ noun [countable] informal  TRICK/DECEIVEa clever but dishonest way to get money He got involved in a credit card scam.
Examples from the Corpus
scamShe and her boyfriend were involved in a scam to get $5 million from the company.The offer of a "free" vacation to Florida sounds like a scam to me.I spent more than $4000 before I realized the whole thing was a scam.What are some ways to recognize phony charity scams?The law and order section is a prime target for every kind of scam.He liked to play scams too much.Then the scams will be uncovered.However, these scams are not connected to the mainstream offshore financial services community, which continues to offer good products.The welfare scam was costing the federal government hundreds of thousands of dollars.
scamscam2 verb [transitive] informal  to deceive someone in order to get money from themscammer noun [countable]From Longman Business Dictionaryscamscam /skæm/ noun [countable] a clever but dishonest plan, usually to get moneyHe was jailed for his part in an oil-trading scam.credit-card scams
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