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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscandalousscan‧dal‧ous /ˈskændələs/ adjective  1 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONScompletely unfair and wrong syn shocking a scandalous waste of public money scandalous behaviour2 involving stories about dishonest or immoral things that someone has done scandalous stories about the prime ministerscandalously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
scandalousThey may find contentions such as those we have made questionable, but not surprising or scandalous.Is there not one prominent rugby union footballer or journalist who is compelled to criticize this scandalous and absurd state of affairs?Women who refused to speak this denigrating language were considered scandalous and uncivil; worse, they were ineffective at accomplishing anything.scandalous behaviorBut Charlie also sets out on a series of scandalous liaisons and unfortunate marriages with very young girls.But this is totally scandalous, Stella, and you know it.For both sides to this scandalous transaction there is a bottom line.
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