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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscantyscant‧y /ˈskænti/ adjective  1 SMALLnot enough There is only scanty evidence of his involvement.2 scanty clothes are small and do not cover very much of your body – used to show disapproval syn skimpyscantily adverb scantily clad young women
Examples from the Corpus
scantyHe was too far away for me to copy anything from him; the light in Martha's room was scanty.The bushes became smaller, more scanty.Beautiful women paraded by in scanty clothing.All this imposes a powerful constraint on language acquisition from the allegedly scanty data available to any child.The problem which immediately strikes one is that much of the material is scanty, fragmented, and lacking unity.Their ambivalence about career choices is coupled with scanty knowledge about what such jobs actually entail or what their educational requirements are.Her eyes flew open as Roman kissed her again, his hands stroking the soft shoulders, revealed by her scanty nightdress.A great number of equestrian statues must have existed but there are scanty remains of these.
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