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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscaredscared /skeΙ™d $ skerd/ ●●● S3 adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š FRIGHTENEDfrightened of something, or nervous about something syn afraid πŸ”Š At first, he was really scared.scared of somebody/something πŸ”Š I’ve always been scared of dogs.scared of doing something πŸ”Š Don’t be scared of asking for help.scared (that) πŸ”Š I wanted to ask her out, but was scared that she might refuse.scared to do something πŸ”Š The boys were scared to cross the street.scared stiff/scared to death/scared out of your wits (=extremely frightened) πŸ”Š I was scared stiff at the thought of making a speech.β–Ί see thesaurus at frightenedRegisterScared is slightly informal. In written English, people usually prefer to use afraid or frightened:She was afraid of losing Anna in the crowd.COLLOCATIONSadverbsvery/really scaredBy this time I was feeling really scared.quite scaredSome of the children were quite scared.a bit/little scaredI was always a little scared of my father.verbsfeel scaredShe was beginning to feel a bit scared.look scaredWhat’s the matter? You look scared.get scared (=start to feel scared)It was now completely dark and I was getting scared.phrasesscared to death (=extremely scared)He looked scared to death.scared stiff informal (=extremely scared)I was scared stiff of going down those cellar steps.scared witless/out of your wits informal (=extremely scared)She admitted she was scared witless.be running scared (=feel scared, especially because someone might catch you or defeat you)The opposition were running scared.
Examples from the Corpus
scaredβ€’ Then he came into the bedroom to see me and I got really scared.β€’ The first time I went on a motorcycle I was really scared.β€’ She didn't know why she felt so scared.β€’ There are people who encouraged me not to worry, not to be scared, but it's hard.β€’ Why on earth is his Department so scared of answering questions on this subject?β€’ Now most of her contacts were out-of-town businessmen, far more scared of comebacks than she'd ever have to be.β€’ She's always been scared of heights.β€’ You're scared of him, aren't you, whoever he is?β€’ I think they were all scared of offending him.β€’ She says she gets nervous whenever there's a car behind her, and she's scared of speed.β€’ When he came back he looked scared stiff, as if he'd seen a ghost.β€’ I hate reading out my work in class - I'm scared that people are going to laugh at me.β€’ He was too scared to be otherwise.β€’ I stood still, scared to move forward and scared to go back.scared to do somethingβ€’ But I was too bloody scared to accept the offer.β€’ I am sick and scared to death Though I only know about it from what men say.β€’ She wasn't just scared of the cameras, she was scared of everything - scared to go home.β€’ But I was too scared to go out.β€’ My period was a week late but I was too scared to have a test.β€’ Janice lay on the floor trembling, too scared to move.β€’ It was the pot of white paint that dropped + had fallen on Nutmeg but he had been too scared to notice.β€’ He said he had been scared to tell the truth after a series of threats from one of the gang.β€’ She was also scared to undress in front of him.
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