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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscarvesscarves /skɑːvz $ skɑːrvz/  x-refthe plural of scarf1
Examples from the Corpus
scarvesThat is where Missoni sells its wickedly costly sweaters, and those eye-catching scarves.We save our Halloween costumes, as well as old scarves, bridesmaid outfits, and the like.The scarves sag, the whistles wheeze, one last outsize banana droops.Women weave scarves that are sold in far-off countries.Chivvying his players into their coats and scarves, the Empire stage-manager herded them back to the coach.The boys were smeared with lipstick, old scarves tied in knots beneath their spotted chins.Traditional Aboriginal art is also found on items from scarves to dishes to boomerangs to key rings.
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