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scenerysce‧ne‧ry /ˈsiːnəri/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 DNthe natural features of a particular part of a country that you can see, such as mountains, forests, deserts etc The best part of the trip was the fantastic scenery.see thesaurus at country2 APTthe painted background, furniture etc used on a theatre stage syn setCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + scenerybeautiful/lovelyThe scenery was beautiful and the people were really friendly.stunning (=very beautiful)We drove through some stunning scenery.spectacular/magnificent/wonderful etc (=very impressive)Tourists come for the winter sports and the spectacular scenery.dramatic (=unusual and impressive)Discover the dramatic scenery of the Yorkshire Dales on a guided walk.breathtaking (=very beautiful and impressive)The scenery is breathtaking, a unique combination of mountains, valleys, and lakes.mountain sceneryThis fascinating village is surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery.coastal sceneryThe walk takes in some of Britain’s most breathtaking coastal scenery.verbsadmire the sceneryWe stopped to admire the scenery.enjoy/take in the scenery (=spend time looking at beautiful scenery)Relax with a glass of local wine while you take in the beautiful scenery.
Examples from the Corpus
sceneryThe train passes by some breathtaking scenery in the Canadian Rockies.It's a very beautiful place where the friendly feel of the climbs reflects the gentle scenery.Some of the most impressive scenery in Arizona, with hiking, camping and some great dirt-road driving.We stayed in a peaceful Alpine village surrounded by magnificent scenery.My apartment faces the rear and looks out on to a picturesque little bit of scenery.The parents were eagerly discussing the scenery.The skiing can be excellent, the scenery is beautiful and the whole experience unforgettable.I could just look around and pretend I was the scenery.The scenery changed dramatically above the treeline.
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