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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscentedscent‧ed /ˈsentɪd/ adjective  SMELLwith a particular smell, especially a pleasant one scented soapscented with The dry cold air was scented with wood smoke.rose-scented/vanilla-scented/pine-scented etc
Examples from the Corpus
scentedThen, bit by bit, the shining, scented constellation sailed closer, promising - Chesarynth didn't know what.The smell was unpleasant too but she resisted the temptation to remove her scented handkerchief from the cuff of her blouse.One of the most scented of all must surely be the old Zéphirine Drouhin.scented paperShe went into the adjoining bathroom and soaked in warm, scented water.He was using scented woods: white cedar, resinous palm.It was quartering the acres of furze with their loads of scented yellow blossom.
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