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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschizophreniaschiz‧o‧phre‧ni‧a /ˌskɪtsəʊˈfriːniə, -sə- $ -soʊ-, -sə-/ noun [uncountable]  MPa serious mental illness in which someone’s thoughts and feelings are not based on what is really happening around them
Examples from the Corpus
schizophreniaBoth schizophrenia and mood disorders show evidence of decreased activity in frontal lobes and abnormal function of the system for directed attention.Thus diseases like diabetes, schizophrenia, and obesity were rare in the developed world by 2010.In essential schizophrenia the characteristic pattern is of withdrawal from the impacts of experience in the outside world.This may well lead to the development of more effective drugs for schizophrenia.Incidentally, what is the concordance in schizophrenia in identical twins?Next month's summit-at-sea may see a resolution of the Bush Administration's schizophrenia over Moscow.Edwina Swan, James Swan, schizophrenia and murder one.The feeling is, rather, that a certain genetic vulnerability is inherited which may or may not lead to schizophrenia.
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