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school age

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschool ageˈschool age noun [uncountable]  the age at which a child is old enough to go to school children below school ageschool-age adjective a school-age child
Examples from the Corpus
school ageShe was a single parent on Income Support and had three young children, all below school age.But König's interest in schools spread predictably to provision for handicapped people beyond school age.First-stage tinies progress to playing variations on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and by school age are tackling several tunes.The order will terminate when the child ceases to be of compulsory school age or if a care order is made.Even within the compulsory school age, inequalities have remained.Internally the school is organized into separate departments, primary and secondary, which between them cover the entire school age range.Part of the reason is that by the time our toddlers are of school age, we take their talk for granted.The nineteen whom I interviewed included women with seven, five and four children, several under school age.
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