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school-leaverˈschool-ˌleaver noun [countable] British English  SESsomeone who has just left school, especially to do or look for a job rather than going to college, university etc a shortage of jobs for school-leavers
Examples from the Corpus
school-leaverThe executive grade undertakes a wide range of management tasks and is drawn from both graduates and the more able school-leavers.If they borrow money, they are much more likely than early school-leavers to do so from a bank.Fashion retailer seeks Sales Assistant - would suit enthusiastic school-leaver.Mr Cormack foresees school-leavers having to fight even harder for a place here.Most towns have a careers service to help school-leavers find suitable jobs.Surely London employers were suffering from a desperate shortage of school-leavers?Other recommendations: more status for vocational qualifications, and training credits for every 16-year-old school-leaver.In 1966 she was a 17-year-old school-leaver living in a furnished room in Blackheath.The focus is on school-leavers from Bury who have attended a three work residential course in Cumbria.We do not want, as our school-leavers, a lot of people who can talk about mathematics.
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